Adding a Contact (Disposition)

The second step to Disposing a firearm in FFL Safe is selecting or adding a contact.

The ATF requires certain information be added to your bound book depending on whether your contact is an individual, another FFL, or a government entity.

In FFLSafe, you can only select or add a contact after you have selected the Disposition Type.

Step 1 – Choose to Select a Contact or Add a Contact

If you have previsouly dealt with a particular contact and they already exist in your bound book, then you may search for and select the contact that is already in your system.

With a known contact, you can jump to Selecting a Firearm for Disposition after selecting them.

If, however, you are adding a new contact, select “Add Contact” and continue to the next step.

Step 2 – Add Contact Information

There are three types of contacts to which you can dispose a firearm:

  • FFL
  • Individual
  • Government Agency

The process for adding contact information differs depending on which type of disposition you chose at the start of this Disposition.

Select the appropriate type of contact and then move to the appropriate next step:

Step 2a for FFL

Step 2b for Individual

Step 2c for Government Entity

Step 2a – FFL Information

The first step to adding an FFL to which you are disposing a firearm is to enter their FFL number.

FFL Safe requires the full FFL number because it automatically checks the validity of the FFL, ensures it is not expired, and enters the FFL’s name and address from ATF’s records.

If the FFL number is valid and verified, you will see a pop-up window that says “FFL Number Verified” and you will see the contact information from the ATF.

You can either:

  1. “Confirm and Apply” the information to the contact, or
  2. Click on “Enter Manually” to manually enter the contact details.

In some cases, the provided information does not match and needs to be edited. If you manually enter the information, please be careful and ensure the information you enter is correct.

Additional Information

You may optionally track whether you have the FFL in your files. If you are unsure about why (or when) this is required, then you should consider learning more about ATF Compliance.

Step 2b – Individual Information

If you are disposing a fiream to an Individual (not an FFL nor Government Entity), then continue on with this step.


Enter the Individual’s name. Their first and last name alone are enough but their full name is preferred.


Enter their current residential street address, including their City, State, and Zip Code, as it appears on their valid government photo identification.

There are some nuances here about what identification can be used and what should be done if it is not truly their current address or if their current address doesn’t match their ID.

Additional Information

This information is optional and should only be used if you have a reason to use it – otherwise, you may leave it blank.

ID on File

You may track whether you have their ID on file in this section. You should chck out the RocketFFL ATF Compliance course for guidance on when this should be done (and how it should be done to avoid problems with the ATF).


You may record the individual’s phone number so that you may contact them later.


You may track whether the indivudal has a Concealed Carry Permit and the permit number in this section. This has legal significance in some States/transactions.

Birth Date

You may track the individual’s birth date here.

Step 2c – Government Agency Information

In the rare circumstance where you dispose a firearm to a Government Entity, continue along with this step.


Enter the name of the Government Agency from which you are acquiring the firearm. 


Enter the address of teh Government Agency.

Step 3 – Save Information

Once you have all of the required information, and any optional information you choose to use, entered, you must save the information to add the contact to the disposition record.

1 – Click on “Add” at the bottom right corner of the window.

2 – Confirm that you’d like to make the changes on the pop-up window.

Step 5 – Confirm Contact Details

You should now see the firearm information added on the Disposition screen.

This is a great time to confirm that the information is correct before Adding the Firearm and selecting the Date of the Disposition and removing the firearm to your inventory and creating the Disposition.


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