Adding a Firearm (Acquisition)

In order to acquire a firearm onto your books, you must enter both (1) the required information for the contact from which you received the firearm and (2) the required information about the firearm itself.

In FFLSafe, you can only add the firearm after you’ve successfully Added the Contact.

Step 1 – Select or “Add Firearm”

Click on the dropdown menu under “Select Firearm” and either search for and select the firearm (if it has been in your inventory previously) or click on “Add Firearm”

Step 2 – Enter Required Information 

You must only enter the required information if this firearm is new to your inventory.

The ATF requires, at a minimum, that you record the following 5 pieces of information about each firearm on your bound book:

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Model
  3. Type
  4. Serial Number
  5. Caliber or Gauge

If the firearm was manufactured in another country and imported, then the firearm’s Importer is also required.


Enter the firearm manufacturer exactly as it is marked on the firearm.

Be careful here – what you might recognize as the manufacturer might actually be the importer. For example, if you have a Springfield XD pistol, the manufacturer is really “HS Produkt”. Springfield Armory is the importer.


Enter the model exactly as it is marked on the firearm.

Be careful here – what is marked on the box and/or paperwork is not necessarily the legally required “model.”


Select the appropriate type for the firearm.

If you are not comforatble with the nuances between each legal “type” of firearm, please consider taking an ATF Compliance Course.

Serial Number

Enter the firearm’s serial number here.

Please take your time and carefully enter the number correctly.


If the firearm was made in another country and imported, enter the company that imported the firearm here.

If the firearm is US made, then leave this field blank and move on to the caliber or gauge.

Caliber or Gauge

Enter the firearm’s caliber or gauge exactly as it is marked on the firearm.

If there is no caliber or gauge, enter “None”

Step 3 – Enter Optional Information

We have added an entire section for you that is entirely optional – this information is NOT needed as part of ATF requirements. Instead, this information is only here to help you if, and only if, you’d like to use it.

All of these sections may be left blank (and they should be left blank unless you have a specific reason to use them)

There are two categories of optional informaiton: “Owner Information” and “Additional Information”

Owner Information

In the Owner Information section, you can choose to enter the Owner of the Firearm and the condition.

This information can be helpful for tracking who a firearm should be returned to after repair or who the firearm belongs to in cases of consignment sales. Also, the condition can help for pricing and sales. 

Additional Information 

The “Additional Infomration” section has information that might be useful for internal purposes.


You may enter a SKU (this may be a completly made-up number) for internal tracking purposes.

Item Number

The item number can be handly to track inventory of multiple firearms of the same SKU.

Total Length

A firearm’s total length is useful for tracking NFA firearms and/or making them.

Barel Length

A firearm’s barrel length is useful for tracking NFA firearms and/or making them.


This option allows you to track whether the firearm is in your inventory as a company-owned firearm or whether it is consigned by a customer. This also helps determine whether a 4473 is needed to return the firearm to the owner.


You may track the firearm’s location with this section.


This section allows you to track the pruchase price of a firearm.

List Price

This section allows you to track the price you have listed the firearm for sale.

Minimum Sales

You may enter the minimum price that this firearm may be sold in this section.

Step 4 – Save Information 

Once you have all of the required information, and any optional information you choose to use, entered, you must save the information to add the firearm to the acquisition record.

1 – Click on “Add” at the bottom right corner of the window.

2 – Confirm that you’d like to make the changes on the pop-up window.

Step 5 – Confirm Firearm Information 

You should now see the firearm information added under the Contact Information on the Acquisition screen, 

This is a great time to confirm that the infomration is correct before selecting the Date of the Acquisition and adding the firearm to your invetnory and creating the Acquisition.


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