Editing Acquisition and Disposition Entries

There are a few times where you may need to edit your bound book information.

We encourage you to be VERY careful when making edits to your bound book. After all, the information in your bound book can have serious ATF consequences.

Editing Firearm and Contact Information

There are two main reasons why you might need to edit the firearm or contact information in your A&D Bound Book.

These two different types of error are important to distinguish as there are different ways we suggest fixing them.

Correct Firearm or Contact / Incorrect Info

First, there is incorrect information such as an incorrect spelling or other typo. An example of this is you accidentally acquired a “Glok” instead of a “Glock” or you have an address for a contact as “123 Min St” instead of “123 Main St.” In both to these examples, you have the correct firearm or contact but there’s something wrong with the information.

Correct Info / Wrong Firearm or Contact

Second, you may have the incorrect firearm or contact entirely.

This is where the information is correct for a particular firearm or contact but it is the wrong firearm or contact for that transaction.

An example of this is you accidentally acquired Glock serial number 1234 on to your books (a gun you sold last week) when you meant to acquire a new and different firearm, Glock serial number 1235.

Or, you meant to acquire or dispose the firearm to or from “Jane Smythe” but you accidentally entered a different customer, “John Smith.” In both of these examples, you have the incorrect firearm or contact for that transaction even though the information for that firearm or contact is correct.

Fixing Typos/Incorrect Information (Correct Firearm or Contact)

If there’s something wrong with the information for a particular firearm (e.g. incorrect caliber, model, etc. or a typo), then we recommend NOT editing it in the Bound Book.

Instead, you should go to that firearm or contact’s information page by either clicking on the serial number, the name in the bound book, or by searching for the firearm or contact and edit the information there. Also, if you open the edit box in the bound book, you’ll see text links at the top that will take you straight to the relevant information pages for that transaction (see photo).

For hep with this, please see the articles on Managing/Editing Firearm Information and/or Managing/Editing Contact Information

Firearm Info Page
Firearm Info Page

We recommend fixing errors in a firearm’s or contact’s information on the firearm or contact information page because that is the core record for that firearm or contact and updating/fixing the information there will ensure that the information is fixed everywhere (that same firearm or contact may appear more than once in your bound book and may appear again in the future).

Once you’ve edited the information on the firearm’s or contact’s information page, it will be automatically updated everywhere that firearm or contact appears in the Bound Book and the notes in the Bound Book will automatically show the edit (in accordance with ATF regulations).

Contact Info Page
Contact Information Page

Updating Addresses

The one exception to this is a customer’s address – we understand that customers may move and have a new address going forward. We didn’t want you to update to their new address on their contact page and then have every past instance of their address for them in the bound book update.

After all, their address last year before a move was correct and is what needs to be associate with their transactions last year.

So, if you update a customer’s address, FFLSafe will use that address going forward. If you need to fix typos in their address, you will need to go edit each instance of the typo in the bound book following the instructions below.

Fixing Incorrect/Wrong Firearm or Contact (With Correct Information)

If your Bound Book line has the incorrect firearm or contact and you ONLY want to edit that one transaction/line for now (and not every instance that particular firearm or contact appears), then you should edit the Bound Book directly.

Again, editing the Bound Book directly ONLY changes that one line/transaction and does NOT update the information everywhere else that firearm or contact appears.

Step 1 – Open Edit Window

Click on the edit icon for the transaction you’d like to edit.

Step 2 – Confirm Edit Mode

You will be asked to confirm that you’d like to edit the bound book – this extra warning should be. reminder to be very careful here.

If you’re sure that you want to edit the bound book record in your A&D book, select “Yes”. If not, click “No” to be returned to your bound book.

Step 3 – Select Which Section to Edit

You will now see the “edit” window and will be able to select which section you’d like to edit.

This is just one of the many things that makes FFLSafe unique, we’ve thought of the potential problems with edits and have tried our best to make your experience trouble free. In this instance, we want to avoid you accidentally changing more than one section at once so we force you to choose whether you’re editing the firearm or the acquisition or disposition contact.

Select which section you’d like to edit and move to the next step.

Also, if you realize that you should edit the firearm or contact record instead of just this one line in your bound book, we’ve provided links ion the text at the top of the edit window that take you straight to each according to this particular transaction.

Step 4 – Make the Edits

Edit the information as needed in the appropriate box and DOUBLE CHECK to make sure the correct information is entered.

If you’d like to simply undo the disposition because you accidentally disposed an item that you didn’t mean to, you can click on the “undo disposition” button.

Once you are satisfied with the changes, click “Confirm” at the bottom right of the window.

Step 5 – Confirm Changes

You’ll be presented with one final warning box asking you to confirm your changes and you’ll see a preview of the information you are saving.

Upon making the changes needed, you will see the new/updated information in your bound book along with an automatically created note showing the username, date, and changed information to satisfy ATF rules and regulations.


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