Managing and Editing Contacts

You will likely encounter situations where you need to manage or edit a contact’s information..

There will surely be times where you have found an error in the ATF-required information of a contact and you’d like to edit it, there will be times that you’d like to add extra information about a contact (in addition to the ATF-required information you entered when acquiring or disposing a firearm) and there may be times when you simply wish to add a note about a contact.

Editing ATF-required Contact Information

As far as your Bound Book is concerned, there are 3 core pieces of contact information:

  • Name
  • Address (if non-FFL)
  • FFL Number (if FFL)

There are two main reasons why you might need to edit the ATF-required information in your system. 

These two different types of errors are important to distinguish as there are different ways we suggest fixing them.

Correct Contact / Incorrect Info

First, there is incorrect information such as an incorrect spelling or other typo. An example of this is you accidentally enter an address for a contact as “123 Min St” instead of “123 Main St.” In this example, you have the correct contact but there’s something wrong with the information.

Correct Info / Wrong Contact

Second, you may have the incorrect contact as part of a Bound Book transaction.

This is where the information is correct for a particular contact but it is the wrong contact for that transaction.

An example of this is you meant to acquire or dispose the firearm to or from “Jane Smythe” but you accidentally entered a different customer, “John Smith.”

In this example, you have the incorrect contact for that transaction even though the information for that contact is correct.

Fixing Typos/Incorrect Information (Correct Contact)

If there’s something wrong with the information for a particular contact (e.g. incorrect spelling, address, etc. or a typo), then we recommend editing the information on the contact’s information page.

Contact Info Page
Contact Information Page

We recommend fixing errors in a contact’s information on the contact information page because that is the core record for that contact and updating/fixing the information there will ensure that the information is fixed everywhere (that same contact may appear more than once in your bound book and may appear again in the future).

Once you’ve edited the information on the contact’s information page, it will be automatically updated everywhere that contact appears in the Bound Book UNLESS IT IS THE ADDRESS and the notes in the Bound Book will automatically show the edit (in accordance with ATF regulations).

Contact Addresses

If you update a contact’s address, our system does not know whether you are adding a new address (the contact moved) or whether the old address was incorrect.

Therefore, since it may be a new address, FFLSafe will NOT change every past transaction as those past transactions are correct only when they include the old address that was valid when they occurred.

If you have a typo in an address, after you correct it on the contact page (following instructions) you will need to go and edit each transaction in the past for which the error exists in the Bound Book.

Step 1 – Go To Contact’s Information Page

You can get to the contact’s information page by either clicking on their name in the Bound Book entry, finding the contact on teh contact’s page, or by searching for the contact.

Step 2 – Open Edit Window

From the contact’s information page, click on the “Edit” button at the top right of the window.

Step 3 – Edit Contact Information

In the contact info edit window, you will see the ATF-required information and you can edit it as you need.

Be very careful here as this is important information and changes to the ATF info will update the bound book entires for this contact wherever they appear (except for the address).

For FFL’s, you will see their FFL number and for individuals, you will see their name and address.

Step 4 – Confirm Changes

Confirm the changes you’ve made and the contact’s information is now updated.

Any Bound Book entries including this contact will now be updated (except for address changes) and the notes for each transaction will include a reference to the edit in the log.

Fixing Incorrect/Wrong Contact (With Correct Information)

If your Bound Book line has the incorrect contact and you ONLY want to edit that one transaction/line for now (and not every instance that particular contact appears), then you should edit the Bound Book directly.

Again, editing the Bound Book directly ONLY changes that one line/transaction and does NOT update the information everywhere else that contact appears.

To see how to edit Bound Book information, please see Editing Acquisition and Disposition Information

Managing and Editing “Extra” Firearm Information

If you want to add or edit contact information other than (in addition to) the ATF-required information, the process is completed by using the “Edit” button on the contact information page.

This process is exactly the same as the steps outlined above, however, the ATF-required information is not changed and only the “extra” information is addressed.

The optional or extra information for individuals includes:

  • Is the ID on file?
  • Phone
  • CCW
  • Birth Date

The optional or extra information for FFLs includes:

  • Do you have a hard copy of the FFL in your records?

None of this information will affect the bound book when used or modified.

Adding Notes to a Contact

If you’d simply like to add a note to a contact, you do not need to enter the edit process from above.

Instead, from the contact information page, you may simple click on “Add Note” and enter any notes that you need.

Banning a Contact

If you’d like to ban a contact so that they can no longer be involved in firearm transfers (in or out), then you can click on the “Ban” button at the top right of the Contact’s information page.

This can be helpful if there are employees so they are alerted to who may not purchase a firearm.


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