Navigating FFLSafe

We tried as hard as we could to make FFLSafe easy to use.

We saw many of the other Bound Book software providers out there and we noticed one thing in common to all we looked at: too many menus, too many options, and generally confusing to use.

There are only four main menu options in the top navigation menu:

  • Dashboard
  • Contacts
  • Inventory
  • Bound Book

If you’ve seen other options out there (for those that don’t hide what their software looks like, at least), you already know how simple and clean this is in comparison.


From the main FFLSafe Dashboard, you can see and manage your FFL’s records.

You can Acquire new guns by simply clicking on the “Add Firearm” button and you can Dispose (transfer, sell, etc) firearms by clicking on the “Dispose Firearm” button.

You can also see your most recent Acquisitions and Dispositions (and jump straight to those transactions) along with other business/FFL metrics.


From the Contacts page, you can see, manage, and edit your Contacts.

Contacts are every person, business, or other entity from which you’ve received firearms or to which you’ve transferred/sold firearms.

From this page you can search for and see each contact, easily view each contact and edit their information, and you can even sort your contacts by type and export/download a CSV file of your contacts.

You can learn more in this article about Editing and Managing Contacts


The Inventory page shows all of the firearms that are currently in your inventory – it does not show all firearms you’ve ever dealt with (like the contact page shows all contacts).

If you’re looking for firearms you’ve dealt with in the past, you can use the search function to find them or find them in your bound book.

From this page you can easily search for firearms and access their individual information pages that allow you to manage and edit firearms and their details.

You can learn more about this in this article on Editing and Managing Firearms

Bound Book

The Bound book page is the heart and soul of your ATF compliance records.

On this page you can manage and edit your ATF-required bound book.

You can learn more about how to use your FFLSafe Bound Book in these articles: Bound Book Navigation, Editing Acquisition and Disposition Entries, and Downloading Your Bound Book


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