Notes/Edits to Bound Book

The Notes column of the Bound Book contains any notes you’d like to make about a firearm transaction but it also must contain, according to ATF Rules and Regulations, a history/log of any and all edits made to the Bound Book.

Adding Notes

To add a note to any transaction in your Bound Book, navigate to the Bound Book Page and then click on the edit icon next to the transaction for which you’d like to make a note.

You’ll see a confirmation window pop-up that ensures you really want to edit the Bound Book that you must confirm prior to seeing the window for editing a Bound Book transaction.

Next, click on the far-right option “Notes” where you can then add any note you need.

Any notes you add manually will appear above the automatically created edit log. And, unlike the edit log, you can delete/remove any note you make at any time.

Bound Book Edit Log

FFLSafe automatically tracks all edits made to bound book information.

This edit log is an ATF-required part of any electronic Bound Book software.

As edits are made to the bound Book, even if they are made directly from the firearm or contact detail pages, the automatic edit log will be updated for the affected transactions.

The edit log will contain the username who made the change, the date of the edit, and the information that was edited.

For example: “Joe Smith changed the firearm model “G19” to “19” on 1/1/24″

The edit log can not be edited/changed whereas the manually created notes can be.


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