Setting Up Company Details

Once you have created and first logged into your FFLSafe account, there are a few things that you need to set up before you can get started with your A&D Bound Book.

Some of these items can later be changed while others can not.

For example, your business name can easily be changed, however, your FFL number and your decision whether to use TTSNs or not will stay for the life of this account you just made.

FFL Number

If you do not have an FFL number, you will not be able to continue. Once you have your FFL, you can always come back, enter it, and move on. Your FFL number will be automatically checked against the ATF’s FFL EzCheck System.

Transferor’s Transaction Serial Numbers

If you need help deciding whether you should use TTSNs, please check out this article on TTSNs. However, our general recommendation is to NOT use them.

Time Zone

Please select the time zone of your licensed business premises (on your FFL).


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