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If you’re looking for help with how to use FFLSafe, be sure to check out our tutorial library or search for your topic below.  If you need technical help with our software, please contact us below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most common questions about FFLSafe

Can you help with how to handle a particular firearm transaction?

In most cases, no, we can not help with a particular firearm transaction. This is not because we don’t know the answer but rather because we are not your attorney.

For example, we are unable to help you determine how a particular firearm should be logged into your books, what to do if a particular customer is delayed/denied, etc. If you need help with ATF Compliance, you should check out RocketFFL.

How do I access my FFLSafe account?

You can access your FFLSafe account by logging in using your email and password assocaited with your account here: FFLSafe Login

If you’ve forgotten your password, or otherwise need to reset it, please see Resetting Your Password

If neither of the above options help you, please reach out to us below…


Is FFLSafe really FREE?

Yes, FFLSafe is 100% FREE for the A&D Bound Book.

There are plans for premium features that will have an monthyl costs, however, we believe in providing the best software to keep you out of trouble with the ATF regardless of your financial situation.

It shouldn’t cost you money to stay out of trouble from your own government!!!

How do I download my A&D Bound Book?

oThere are a few ways to download your A&D bound book depending on the purpose (just grabbing your own copy as a backup, your ATF required backups, or sending a copy to someone).

To learn all about downloading your Bound Book, please check out: Downloading Your A&D Bound Book.

What is Inspection Mode?

Inspection Mode is a setting in FFLSafe that allows you to restrict ATF’s access to your records during an inspection.

The Inspection Mode toggle switch is in the top menu bar to teh left near your store’s name.

By turning Inspection Mode ON, the only part of FFLSafe software that will be visible is the Bound Book – the ATF inpectiors will not be able to access extra (non-required) information about your customers nor firearms. 

In order to turn Inspection Mode off, your password is required (this prevents unauthorized people from exiting Inspection Mode)

How do I Import My Old Records/Bound Book?

You can import your previous bound book records into FFLSafe by following the instructions here: Import Previous Records

If A&D records already exist for your FFL, you MUST start by bringing in any applicable records before starting with FFLSafe.


We are here to help with any techincal support questions about FFLSafe. Unfortunately, we can not give legal advice about how to run your business nor how to handle particular transactions.

Therefore, we can only provide support with how to use FFLSafe. If you need to know what you are supposed to do concerning ATF compliance, please consider RocketFFL’s courses.

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