Migrating/Switching to FFLSafe

Unless you are just starting out with your FFL, there’s a good chance that you already have A&D Bound Book records in another format/system.

Thankfully, it is easy to switch from whatever system you’re currently using and start using FFLSafe going forward.

Moving Bound Book Summary

Regardless of type of system you currently have, you simply need to move the records of your current inventory (your open dispositions) from your old A&D book to your new A&D book.

You are effectively going to be completing two steps:

  1. Disposing current inventory (items you’ve acquired for which there is no disposition) off of your old system to the new system
  2. Acquiring those firearms/records on to the new system

There are two important things to note when it comes to moving from one bound book to another:

First, you will be keep your old bound book records for as long as you have the FFL to which they belong.

Second, you will ONLY be moving your CURRENT INVENTORY to the new system.

Switching to FFLSafe

In your old bound book, you will dispose all of your open dispositions (current inventory) with the date you’re making the change for the disposition date and, for the disposition information, you’ll enter “Moved to FFLSafe.”

In FFLSafe, you’ll acquire each firearm in your inventory (that you just closed out each record on your old book) with the original acquisition date and contact information from your old record.

You use the original acquisition date and source because you are NOT transferring the firearms, you are merely moving the records of them.

You can manually enter the firearm’s information, one at a time, as you acquire each one.

Or, you can import your records for a one-time set up of your new bound book record.

Moving from Different Types of A&D Records

There are three main systems FFLs use for Acquisition and Disposition records:

  1. Physical Paper Book
  2. Electronic Spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)
  3. FFL Software (e.g. FFLSafe)

Each of these systems have the same ATF requirements for moving to a new Bound book, however, the actual process will be slightly different between the paper and electronic options.

For paper bound books, you will dispose your current inventory to FFLSafe and then keep the paper records as part of your records for that FFL and use FFLSafe going forward.

For electronic bound books, you will dispose your current inventory to FFLSafe and then, if you choose to use FFLSafe’s import functionality, you will get your data ready from your old system.

For spreadsheet systems, you will need to get your information in the proper format for uploading and then upload your records to FFLSafe.

For FFLSoftware, you will need to export your data before you can make sure it is in the right format for uploading.

In either case of electronic systems, you will want to save your old records at least as a spreadsheet – we recommend also printing out the file onto paper and also saving the old spreadsheet on a thumb drive or other portable media.

Also, there is NOT need to keep your subscription active for your old FFL Software as long as you have a good export of your entire book.

A&D Bound Book Migration Requirements

The ATF requires that you follow a few requirements when moving bound books:

  1. You may move ONLY your current inventory (and NOT any firearm record that has been disposed).
  2. You MUST keep your old bound book records for inspection for as long as you have your FFL
  3. You must use the date you MOVED the record for the disposition off of your old bound book
  4. You must use the ORIGINAL date and source for the acquisition information in your new book


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